Dallas Bitcoin ATM in Valero Gas Station | 4040 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75219
4040 Cedar Springs Rd
Dallas TX 75219

Bitcoin ATM Operator: Coinhub. Phone Number Support: 702-900-2037. Please call the operator for any support inquiries. Buy Bitcoin in minutes using the Dallas Bitcoin ATM in Valero Gas Station | 4040 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75219. Purchase and verify instantly right at the ATM with no prior account needed. Bitcoin is sent instantly to your Bitcoin wallet. Purchasing Bitcoin at this Bitcoin machine is fast and easy. Simply bring your mobile phone, your Bitcoin wallet QR code, and cash. A new purchaser can sign up right at the Bitcoin ATM without any prior account needed. Bitcoin is sent instantly at the time of purchase at the Bitcoin Machine.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Cash

Scan Your Bitcoin Wallet QR Code

Once you verify your phone number with a text code, scan your Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet on the scanner.

Insert Cash Into Bitcoin Machine

Make sure to insert cash one bill at a time. Daily cash purchase limit at this Bitcoin ATM is $25,000.

Completed Bitcoin Purchase!

Congratulations! You are not a Bitcoin holder. Make sure to keep your Bitcoin wallet secure as it is your responsibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To purchase Bitcoin at this Bitcoin Machine, make sure to bring:

 1) Mobile Phone to receive SMS verification code

 2) Your Bitcoin Wallet

 3) Cash (Daily Limit is $25,000)

 4) Drivers License (Only required for customers buying or selling $2,000 or more)

This Bitcoin machine offers Bitcoin and Litecoin only. Payment method accepted at the machine is cash.

The daily purchase limit of this Bitcoin ATM is $25,000 per day!

At $2000 you will be asked to scan your Drivers License. Everything is scanned and completed right at the ATM within minutes for a successful transaction! Fast and easy.

Yes! When you purchase Bitcoin at the Bitcoin ATM, Bitcoin is instantly sent to your wallet. The purchase can be found on the blockchain as in route to you. Please allow 45 minutes for your wallet provider to show the Bitcoin in your wallet to be ready to be spendable by you. Bitcoin ATMs are fast and easy to use!

The operator of this machine is Coinhub Bitcoin ATMs.


Operator’s Phone Number: 702-900-2037

(text or call available)


Operator’s Email: [email protected]


Operator’s Website: coinhubatm.com